Quick Answer: What Does It Mean To Be Responsive?

What is a responsive person?


A responsive person is quick to react to people or events and to show emotions such as pleasure and affection..

What does responsivity mean?

Responsivity measures the input–output gain of a detector system. In the specific case of a photodetector, responsivity measures the electrical output per optical input. The responsivity of a photodetector is usually expressed in units of either amperes or volts per watt of incident radiant power.

What is responsiveness in the workplace?

Responsiveness is nothing but to respond as quickly as possible to a situation. Example: a customer drops a mail regarding some specific information about a product. Now responsiveness can be traced out from how fast you reply to this mail with the desired information. … It increases the waiting time for customer.

What is responsiveness in communication?

Responsiveness, in communication, refers to the degree that what YOU say, responds clearly and directly, to what the other person just said. If you are being responsive, the other person knows you are paying attention, and care enough about what he or she is talking about to “stay on that topic”.

How can I be responsive at work?

How can you build a responsive culture at work?Make responsiveness a priority. Everyone, from top-level management to each employee should make responsiveness a priority. … Measure Team Performance. … Incorporate responsiveness into your mission.Apr 21, 2020

What purpose does the risk needs responsivity model serve?

The risk-need-responsivity model is a model used in criminology to develop recommendations for how prisoners should be assessed based on the risk they present and what they need, and what kinds of environments they should be placed in to reduce recidivism.

What is adaptive leadership model?

Adaptive Leadership is a practical leadership framework that helps individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments. It is being able, both individually and collectively, to take on the gradual but meaningful process of change. … Adaptive Leadership is purposeful evolution in real time.

What is a responsive strategy?

Responsive strategy or MVBS is a process to achieve positive change by shifting current state of things and the perception of the audience, employees or competition (a perceiver) towards strategically favorable for the business, which enables the company smoothly execute their policy.

How do you demonstrate responsiveness at work?

It shows that you have it together, but it also shows that you also care about the person—building powerful trust.Act quickly. Procrastination works well only until you earn your degree. … Show concern for the outcome. … Follow-up pre-emptively. … Keep all parties involved. … Have an organized system.Jul 26, 2013

How is responsivity calculated?

How to calculate the responsivity= Photon Detection Efficiency.= Wavelength.= Gain.= Electron Charge.= Afterpulsing Probability.= Crosstalk Probability.= Planck Constant.= Speed of light.Aug 12, 2019

What is responsive leadership?

Responsive leadership is a living, changing set of traits and skills that adapts to new people and environments. It can thrive anywhere.

What is another word for responsive?

In this page you can discover 52 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for responsive, like: answering, receptive, reacting, respondent, approach, impressionable, active, compassionate, conscious, sensitive and sympathetic.

Is responsive a skill?

Responsiveness is a necessary skill for any salesperson who intends to excel. The very first step to being more responsive, paying attention, is the most important one. Realizing the cost of inattention is also indispensable if you hope to better respond to your prospect.

What is an example of responsiveness?

Responsiveness. Responsiveness is the ability of an organism to adjust to changes in its internal and external environments. An example of responsiveness to external stimuli could include moving toward sources of food and water and away from perceived dangers.

What are the traits of being responsive?

4 Attributes of Responsive LeadersHumility: A Sincere Regard for the Reality That We Cannot Go It Alone. Never underestimate the power of humility. … Empathy: The Ability to Understand and Appreciate Other Human Beings. … Resilience: The Capacity to Recover and Keep Going Forward in the Face of Adversity.Feb 3, 2020

Why being responsive is important?

When you are responsive: It gives your recipient a sense that they are important to you. Gives the impression that you are well organised and are able to move quickly. Suggests to your recipient that you are someone that is a “doer” rather than someone who is indecisive.

What are the big four criminogenic needs?

Typical lists of criminogenic needs generally encompass four to eight needs categories or domains (known colloquially as the “Big Four,” “Big Six,” or “Big Eight”), including parenting/family relationships, education/employment, substance abuse, leisure/ recreation, peer relationships, emotional stability/ mental …

What is responsive love?

Responsive ethics Love responds to the singular Other who bears a name and has a face; it does not merely refer to somebody who plays a specific role or occupies a certain state.

How can I be more responsive?

7 ways to be more responsive to customersAsk your customers what they want. A survey of your existing customers can show you which customer service channels they prefer. … Manage customer expectations. … Develop procedures. … Educate your employees. … Provide self-service options. … Use technology. … Stay human.Nov 6, 2019

What is a responsive culture?

A Customer Responsive Culture is defined as an organizational culture that is focused on responding to the needs of customers the moment they need it. … Contrast and compare the evolution of this “instant age” with the process of living in an organization where people are trying to get work done.