Quick Answer: Is Unacceptable A Word?

What is unacceptable paraphrasing?

Examples of Unacceptable Paraphrases.

If there are more than two words in a row that are identical to the text, you are copying, not.


I would much rather see grammatically incorrect insights into the paper than a cut-and-paste..

What does dissimilar mean?

: not the same or similar : different or unalike people with dissimilar backgrounds dissimilar materials The responsibilities of the resident were not dissimilar to those of the intern …—

What is another word for unacceptable?

Unacceptable Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unacceptable?dissatisfactorysuboptimalinappropriateinsupportableintolerablemediocreobjectionableobnoxiousoffensiveundesirable229 more rows

What is unacceptable behavior?

Unacceptable Behavior means any conduct that is unreasonable, regardless of the level of stress, frustration or anger experienced, because it compromises the health, safety or security of Employees, Participants or Visitors, including without limitation: Save.

What’s unbecoming mean?

: not becoming an unbecoming dress especially : not according with the standards appropriate to one’s position or condition of life unbecoming conduct.

What does Malapropos mean?

in an inappropriate or inopportune way: in an inappropriate or inopportune way.

What is the root word for unacceptable?

The adjective unacceptable adds the “not” prefix un- to acceptable, “suitable, adequate, or pleasing.” We can trace the roots back to the Latin acceptare, “take or receive willingly.”

Is it inacceptable or unacceptable?

As adjectives the difference between inacceptable and unacceptable. is that inacceptable is unacceptable while unacceptable is unsatisfactory; not acceptable.

Is unsuitable a word?

adjective. not suitable; inappropriate; unfitting; unbecoming.

What is the meaning unacceptable?

(ʌnəkseptəbəl ) adjective. If you describe something as unacceptable, you strongly disapprove of it or object to it and feel that it should not be allowed to continue. It is totally unacceptable for children to swear. [

What is a word for socially unacceptable?

inapplicable, unsuited, unfit. 2. indecorous. Improper, indecent, unbecoming, unseemly are applied to that which is unfitting or not in accordance with propriety.

What does insupportable mean in English?

: not supportable: a : more than can be endured insupportable pain. b : impossible to justify insupportable charges.