Quick Answer: How Old Is Adam From SM6?

Who are the sm6 band parents?

He is one of six siblings.

His parents’ names are Duane and Yvonne Jones..

Is SM6 band homeschooled?

“You don’t see a lot of 13-year-olds and 11-year-olds touring across the U.S. So I think that makes us unique in a way, having a huge age range from 11 to 20. And we’re actually all home schooled and our priority is music, so we get home schooled so we can focus on this.”

What are the names of the SM6 band members?

MembersAdam Jones, 18.Eliana Jones, 14.Jack Jones, 13.Isabel Jones, 20.Emily Jones, 16.George Jones, 21.

Where is SM6 band located?

GenevaContact InfoBusiness:SM6 BandAddress:SM6 LLC 26 S. 3rd St. Suite 171 Geneva, IL 60134 United StatesPhone:(630) 414-0368Fax:Email:info@SM6Band.com3 more rows

What does SM6 stand for?

System Mechanic 6SM6AcronymDefinitionSM6System Mechanic 6

Who is pigeon in SM6?

Pigeon is one of the most talented member in the SM6 band, however she is often sidelined by her other siblings. During the little times pigeon does sing, she sounds like one thousand angels. A beautiful voice.

Is George from SM6 a firefighter?

Career. George has been playing keyboard for SM6 ever since it was created. He is also a professional firefighter.

What does SM in SM6 stand for?

Summer Monkeys5. His Band Was Previously Called Summer Monkeys. You’ve probably heard that Adam is a member of a band called SM6, but you may have been wondering what the SM stands for. Evidently, it used to stand for Summer Monkeys, but the family decided to shorten it to SM.

How old is Jack Jones?

83 years (January 14, 1938)Jack Jones/Age

How old are the members of SM6?

The six Jones children, George, 19, Isabel, 17, Adam, 16, Emily 14, Eliana, 12 and Jack, 11, make up the band SM6.

Are Adam and Isabel Twins SM6?

17-year-old Adam Jones and his siblings are part of a wholesome, Chicago-based family band called SM6 (formerly known as Summer Monkeys). They’ve performed at malls and charity events, and were even named “Best Family Rock Band” by TNT magazine. SM6 includes siblings George, Isabel, Emily, Jack, Eliana, and Adam.

How tall is George from SM6?

Adam Jones stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m). However, the information about his weight remains unknown.