Quick Answer: How Can I Add My Alternate Mobile Number In Myntra?

How can I join myntra as a seller?

Apply for RegistrationStep 1: Official Website.

The seller should visit the official website of Myntra.Step 2: Seller Registration.

Click on “Registration Now” option which is visible on the home page of the portal.Step 3: Application Form.

Step 4: Complete the Details.

Step 5: Submit the Application..

How can I delete my mobile number from myntra?

Method 2- Deletion of account through the Myntra account In the mobile app, go to the upper left corner and in the last click on Contact Us tab and in a browser, scroll down to go to the bottom of the page, here click on Contact Us option.

Does myntra sell fake products?

No, Myntra does not sell counterfeit products at all. … If someone gets a bit downgraded product from any of the leading brands, consider it as the brand’s product only (Myntra is an aggregator and seller of the products).

What is alternate number in Airtel?

Please dial 18001030405 from your alternate number for Tele- verification, In order to activate the data card SIM. 1/2… ”

How can I deactivate myntra account?

You will have to select the “non-order related issue” option, click on it. You will see various options regarding your issues. Choose the “other” tab and mention why you want to delete your account.

How do I verify my email on myntra?

You need to contact myntra cc and tell them you have mistakenly given wrong email id post that they will send you email on your correct id where you need to send any identity proof to validate your account post that in 3-4 days your account will be transfered to your new email address….. also please make sure your …

Does myntra deliver on Sundays?

Myntra.com — Delivery of product on sunday.

How can I add alternate number in myntra?

Step 1: Locate the ‘Profile’ option on the homepage of the App. Step 2: Scroll on the ‘Profile’ page and click on ‘Profile details. ‘ You must verify your mobile number by entering a valid number and then click on ‘verify. ‘

What is alternate mobile number in Jio?

While purchasing a new Jio SIM, we are supposed to provide an alternate mobile number to receive communications and OTPs. It can happen sometimes that you provided one of your friend’s number or any other number which you might have lost.

What is alternate mobile number?

The Alternate Numbers feature allows multiple phone numbers to ring into the same phone with different ring tones to distinguish what lines are being called. All that is required is the extra phone number(s), new stations or lines are not required.

How can I recover my myntra account?

#Way 1: From WebsiteOpen the official website of Myntra by visiting “www.myntra.com”. … Click on profile button from the top right corner and choose login option from that dropdown menu.Scroll down below and click on Recover password option from it. … Now open your email id and then browse for an email from Myntra.More items…

Can we convert myntra credit to bank account?

Myntra has a strange policy that amount in the myntra credit cannot be transferred to bank account. Forcing a customer to purchase only from myntra after return or exchange. This is exploitation. There must be a provision to transfer amount to bank account on return of a product.

What is alternate number in myntra?

Aditi! Please dial on 080-61561999 which is our 24*7 help line number.

What is alternate number example?

Alternate numbers are the numbers in which all digits alternate between even and odd. Numbers are very alternating when double the number is an alternating number as well. For example; 3816 is very alternating, because 7632 is an alternating number as well.