Question: What Is The Superlative Of Clearly?

What is a superlative in English?

Superlative adjectives are used to describe an object which is at the upper or lower limit of a quality (the tallest, the smallest, the fastest, the highest).

They are used in sentences where a subject is compared to a group of objects..

What is the superlative of famous?

Answer: more famous- comparative. most famous-superlative. bolivianouft and 3 more users found this answer helpful.

How do you use clearly in a sentence?

Clearly sentence exampleMan’s clearly a homophobe. … His expression was clearly displeased. … Clearly , what nanites will do inside our bodies in the future is almost limitless and will change medicine forever. … He stopped abruptly and turned, his expression clearly startled until he realized it was her.More items…

What is the superlative form of sharp?

List of comparative superlative and adjectives from A to ZAdjectiveComparativeSuperlativesharpsharpersharpestshinyshiniershiniestshortshortershortestshyshyershyest157 more rows

What is the superlative of useful?

Superlative ExamplesExamples of Superlative AdjectivesAffirmativeSuperlativepolitemost politehelpfulmost helpfulusefulmost useful45 more rows

Can you say more clearly?

Frequency of use: clearer than is twice as common as more clear than, although both are common. Both are grammatically correct. (“More clearer”, however, would be wrong.) The question really ought to be whether to say “clearer” or “more clearly.” That’s the confusing one.

What is the adverb of clearly?

adverb. adverb. /ˈklɪrli/ 1in a way that is easy to see or hear Please speak clearly after the tone.

Is more scary correct?

Here’s our rule: When comparing items with single-syllable, use “-er” or “-est.” When comparing items with multiple syllables, use “more” or “less.” And never the two shall mix. … So, one haunted house is “scarier” than another, not “more scary.” (And two-syllable words are “trickier” than they should be.)

What is the comparative and superlative of clearly?

Adverb. clearly (comparative clearlier or more clearly, superlative clearliest or most clearly)

What is the superlative of beautiful?

Answer and Explanation: The superlative form of the adjective ‘beautiful’ is ‘most beautiful,’ not ‘beautifullest.

What is the superlative of intelligent?

The superlative structure is used to express the highest grade of quality in a noun….The superlative.AdjectiveComparativeIntelligentThe most intelligentHandsomeThe most handsomeBeautifulThe most beautiful

What is a superlative example?

Superlative adjectives are used to compare three or more nouns. They’re also used to compare one thing against the rest of a group. Superlative adjectives demonstrate a higher level of comparison between entities. For example, “She’s the prettiest princess in all the land.”

What is the comparative of dark?

Comparative. darker. Superlative. darkest. The comparative form of dark; more dark.

What is the superlative form of clearly?

More clearer Clearly, clearer is more clear in terms of the natural choice based on the syllable rule of grammar. However, we can use ‘more clear’ as well, especially for formal tones or talks, which is perfectly fine!

Is it more clear or clearer?

So, clearer or more clear? The basic rules tell us that because clear is a one syllable adjective there is no need to use ‘more. ‘ But the reality is that in everyday usage, both are perfectly acceptable, and you’ll often hear and see both being used.

What is the superlative of shy?

adjective. /ʃaɪ/ /ʃaɪ/ (comparative shyer, superlative shyest)

What is a superlative in writing?

Superlative is a literary device that is usually an adjective or adverb used to distinguish an object from three or more others of its type. … Superlatives are usually formed by adding the suffix –est to most adjectives and adverbs, or by adding “most” or “least” before them.

How do you say very clear?

Synonyms for Very clearquite clear.very clearly.pretty clear.abundantly clear.perfectly clear.quite clear.pretty obvious.More items…