Question: What Is The Part Of Speech Of The Word Agreeable?

Is agreeable an adverb?

In an agreeable manner; in a manner to give pleasure; pleasingly.

In accordance; suitably; consistently; conformably..

What is the meaning of agreeable?

1 : pleasing to the mind or senses especially as according well with one’s tastes or needs an agreeable companion an agreeable change. 2 : ready or willing to agree or consent was agreeable to the plan. 3 : being in harmony : consonant.

Is agree an adjective or adverb?

agree is a verb, agreeable is an adjective, agreement is a noun:I agree with what you say.

What part of speech is agreeable?

adjectiveAGREEABLE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the difference between agreeable and acceptable?

is that agreeable is pleasing, either to the mind or senses; pleasant; grateful while acceptable is capable, worthy, or sure of being accepted or received with pleasure; pleasing to a receiver; gratifying; agreeable; welcome; as, an acceptable” present, one ”acceptable to us.

What makes a person disagreeable?

It is the counterpole of the personality dimension agreeableness. For example, disagreeable people tend to be hostile and abusive to others (2), deceive and manipulate others for their own gain (3), and ignore others’ concerns or welfare (4).

What is the antonym of simple?

simple(a) Antonyms: complex, complicated, intricate, artful, crafty, elaborate. Synonyms: incomplex, uncompounded, single, elementary, uncombined, mere, plain, unaffected, artless, naïve, unsophisticated, credulous, gullible, silly, oafish.

Is preaching and antonym of agreeable?

Here antonym means opposite, so the antonym of agreeable is disagreeable. Antonyms of preaching are cool, praise etc.

How do you use agreeable in a sentence?

Agreeable sentence exampleYou know, you were much more agreeable as a wolf. … Yes, he is an agreeable young man…. … The impression the princess made on Rostov was a very agreeable one. … The odour of cubebs is agreeable and aromatic; the taste, pungent, acrid, slightly bitter and persistent.More items…

Can Unnecessary be an antonym of agreeable?

contradictory, gloomy, deplorable, disharmonious, boorish, unenjoyable, inconsistent, belligerent, peeving, infuriating, unkind, god-awful, ungenial, joyless, harsh, morose, dolorous, offensive, wretched, upsetting, unmannerly, cruel, doleful, inflaming, discordant, flat, disunited, gruff, hateful, ungracious, …

Is antonym of agreeable is conflict?

Yes, conflicting is antonym of agreeable.

What is another word for appreciated?

What is another word for appreciate?valuerespectprizecherishtreasureadmireconsideresteem

What is the antonym of agreeable?

What is the opposite of agreeable?disagreeableunpleasantmeannastyrepugnantunacceptableunenjoyableunhappyunsuitablebad189 more rows

Is being agreeable a good thing?

Other research demonstrates that agreeableness is beneficial when combined with conscientiousness. This indicates that being agreeable can be beneficial when coupled with focus, self-discipline and the tendency to set and achieve goals.

Is agreeably a word?

Meaning of agreeably in English. pleasantly, or with enjoyment or pleasure: We were agreeably surprised by the price.

What is another word for agreeable?

affable,amiable,genial,good-natured,good-tempered,gracious,mellow,nice,More items…

What is the superlative form of agreeable?

PositiveComparativeSuperlativeagreeablemore agreeablemost agreeablebeautifulmore beautifulmost beautifulcarefulmore carefulmost carefulcarlessmore carelessmost careless18 more rows