Question: What Is The Mean Of RT In Result?

When was RTE Act passed?

2009Right to Education Act (RTE) provided free and compulsory education to children in 2009 and enforced it as a fundamental right under Article 21-A..

What does RT mean in Snapchat?

Retweet”Retweet” is the most common definition for RT on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. RT. Definition: Retweet.

The full form of logo stands for Language of graphics-oriented. The term LOGO is a symbol which is used to recognize a public identification of a brand or company. The logo can be an abstract design or a symbol which represents a wordmark.

What does RT mean in engineering?

Metals Abbreviations and AcronymsAbbreviationDefinitionQTQuenched and TemperedRQRegular QualityRTRoom TemperatureS SteelStructural Quality Grade Steel140 more rows

What does P in CBSE result means?

Cbse board Decided to remove the Term “FAIL” From the marksheet and use the term “ESSENTIAL REPEAT” This mean you are not fail bit you have to repeat exam next year. Also if you are getting lesser than passing marks then you will be promoted(P) with extra marks for a particular subject.

What does RT stands for?

AcronymDefinitionRTRightRTRouteRTRound TripRTRetweet (also seen as R/T; Twitter)151 more rows

What does RT mean in school?

RT in Education8RTResource Teacher Special Education, Teaching, Teacher1RTReciprocal Teaching Teaching, Reciprocal, Reading1RTRegistered Technologist Medical, Radiology, Profession1RTRepresentation Theory Group, Algebra, Representation1RTRespiratory Therapy Medical, Physical Therapy, Dentistry15 more rows

What does RT mean in medical?

A respiratory therapist (RT) is a certified medical professional who specializes in providing healthcare for your lungs.

What does RT mean in physics?

room temperatureRT Definition: RT stands for room temperature. Room temperature is actually a range of temperatures from 15 to 25 deg;C corresponding to temperatures comfortable to people. 300 K is a generally accepted value for room temperature to simplify calculations.

What does RT mean in games?

RT in Gaming2RTRailways of the World Play, Pastime, Game1RTRescue Team Technology, Mountain, Rescue1RTRetweet Texting, Social Media, Slang1RTRoger that Chat, Internet Slang, Writing1RTRogue Trader Trading, Trader, Rogue15 more rows

What full form is for RT?

RT is short for retweet, which is the act of sharing another user’s post on the social media platform Twitter.

What is RT after a name?

The Right Honourable (abbreviation: The Rt Hon. or Rt Hon.) is an honorific style traditionally applied to certain persons and collective bodies in the United Kingdom, the former British Empire and the Commonwealth of Nations. …

Is CBSE result declared today 2020?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) DECLARED CBSE 10th Results 2020 TODAY i.e. July 15, 2020. MHRD Announced that the CBSE 12th Board Exams Result 2020 will be released today, i.e. July 15, 2020, at 12 pm.

What is the RT in CBSE result?

RT in cbse 12th result means Repeat Theory.

Does RT mean failed?

Answer. Meaning of RT means Repeat Theory. 1) As per the guidelines of the CBSE, if a student gets RT in any subject then he has to appear in the theory paper during the compartment exam. … But if the student is passed in 5 subjects then no need to give the exam again.