Question: What Is An Alternative Course Of Action?

What are the four courses of action when making decisions?

Terms in this set (13)Recognize the need for decision.Generate alternatives.Assess alternatives.Choose among alternatives.Implement the chosen alternatives.Learn feedback..

What is course action?

: the actions to be taken We’re trying to determine the best course of action at this point.

What is alternative example?

The definition of alternative is something that is a possible selection. The route you decided to take is an example of an alternative route. … An alternative is defined as an option. Corn as a side dish to an entree is an example of an alternative.

How do you write an action course?

Courses of action address the what, who, when, where, why, how for each threat, hazard, and function….Possible courses of action are typically developed using the following steps:Depict the scenario. … Determine the amount of time available to respond. … Identify decision points.More items…

What is the best course of action when you find that you agree with the information in a counterclaim to your central argument?

What should you do if you find yourself agreeing with a counterclaim that doesn’t support your central argument? The best answer is (A) Modify your claim . Since you already found yourself agreeing with a counterclaim that doesn’t support your central argument, it’s best to adjust or modify your claim.

What are alternative classes in high school?

Alternate routes to high school successIndependent study. Does your teenager have a burning desire to study psychology, women’s authors, or computer science? … Advanced Placement. … International Baccalaureate. … Online options. … Summer Programs. … College courses. … Early/middle college programs. … Gap year programs.Jun 7, 2018

What is alternative action?

Alternative Action means any action (a) by Pentech’s Board of Directors (i) to withdraw its approval or recommendation of the Merger or (ii) to modify or to qualify such approval or recommendation in a manner adverse to JAKKS or which would prevent, impede or materially delay the consummation of the Merger or (iii) to …

How do you decide on the best course of action?

Selecting the best course of actionCriteria. Selection is done through the application of some form of criteria, which may be consciously or subconsciously selected. … Negative selection. Remember when you last bought or rented a home. … Forecasting and risk analysis. … Positive selection.

What is action plan in case study?

The Action Plan is an graphic portrayal of the necessary steps and tasks needed to achieve the target goal. It’s in graphic form to better illustrate to all members of the team all the elements that go into accomplishing the goal. It places ownership on the team members on their roll in reaching the goal.

How do you evaluate alternative courses of action?

EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION Evaluate each potential option, according to case data, the key issue(s), the strategic concepts in the text, and the firm’s environment. Specific criteria should be used and each option analyzed on the basis of them.

How do you prepare alternative courses of action in case study?

The case study analysis can be broken down into the following steps:Identify the most important facts surrounding the case.Identify the key issue or issues.Specify alternative courses of action.Evaluate each course of action.Recommend the best course of action.

What is the final stage of the four step decision making model?

Choice Phase The end product of this phase is a decision. Decision is made by selecting and evaluating alternatives defined in previous step.

What is an alternate program in college?

An alternative school is a school that doesn’t provide the typical educational experience. Another way to think of an alternative school is that it is designed to educate students who haven’t been successful in regular schools, often due to behavioral issues or learning disabilities.

What is an alternative in a case study?

The specific problem or decision(s) to be made. Alternatives open to the decision maker, which may or may not be stated in the case. Conclusion: sets up the task, any constraints or limitations, and the urgency of the situation.

How do you identify a problem in a case study?

Identify the key issue or issues. Use the facts provided by the case to identify the key issue or issues facing the company you are studying. Many cases present multiple issues or problems. Identify the most important and separate them from more trivial issues.

What is alternative courses of action mean?

Alternative Courses of Action (ACA) These are the possible solutions to the problem identified. Each ACA must stand alone and must be able to solve the stated problem and achieve the objectives. Each ACA must be mutually exclusive, I.e., the student must choose an ACA to the exclusion of the others.

What is alternative course?

An alternate course completely replaces a prescribed subject area or high school level course. … These students may pursue life skills-based courses, but these courses are not eligible for high school credit (e.g., social skills, safety, and nutrition).

What it means to be alternative?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : offering or expressing a choice several alternative plans. 2 : different from the usual or conventional: such as. a : existing or functioning outside the established cultural, social, or economic system an alternative newspaper alternative lifestyles.

What is Step 5 in the decision making process?

There are 5 steps in a consumer decision making process a need or a want is recognized, search process, comparison, product or service selection, and evaluation of decision.

What is alternative use?

ALTERNATIVE USE means a use that could not reasonably be made of the property before the loss. Exception: New equipment may have standard features that were unheard of when the lost or damaged equipment was acquired. Those are improvements you cannot avoid. They are not alternative uses.