Question: How Do You Get A LIN Number?

What is Lin in Shram Suvidha portal?

For integration of data among various enforcement agencies, each inspectable unit under any Labour Law has been assigned one Labour Identification Number (LIN).

The portal facilitates Employer/Establishment to verify/modify data..

How do I create a Shram Suvidha account?

There is also a link is provided to generate the password for first time use for an establishment whose LIN is generated. Please click on the link ‘Create a Shram Suvidha account’ to register a new representative. Following form will come on your screen and you have to fill it with correct information’s.

What is a LIN number?

The Line Item Number (LIN) is a six-character alphanumeric identification of the generic nomenclature assigned to identify nonexpendable and type classified expendable or durable items of equipment during their life cycle authorization and supply management.

How can I get LIN number in Shram Suvidha?

After login, you will see a menu at left hand side. Choose ‘Link Establishment’ option from menu. 5. Now you will see link establishment form, fill out LIN number, previous representative contact details (registered mobile number and registered email id).

How can I register for PF?

The employer needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:Step 1: Register Organization with EPFO. Visit the website and register the organization with EPFO. … Step 2: Read the User Manual. … Step 3: Register On USSP. … Step 4: Fill Registration Form. … Step 5: Attach DSC.Mar 13, 2021

What is Lin registration?

Government of India plans to do away with all employer codes being issued by separate labour enforcement agencies such as ESIC, EPFO, CLC(C) and DGMS etc. by replacing them with new Labour Identification Number (LIN). Click for more info.

What is Shram Suvidha account?

The Unified Shram Suvidha Portal is developed to facilitate reporting of Inspections, and submission of Returns. The Unified Shram Suvidha Portal has been envisaged as a single point of contact between employer, employee and enforcement agencies bringing in transparency in their day-to-day interactions.

What Lin means?

To desistlin(Verb) To desist (from something), to stop.

How much salary is eligible for ESI?

ESI eligibility Employees whose monthly wages are Rs 21,000 or below are covered under the ESI Act. The wage limit for coverage under the Act had been increased from Rs 15,000 per month to Rs 21,000 in December 2016.

How can I change my mobile number in Shram Suvidha portal?

Please choose a Phone no to receive OTP. Alternatively, submit your request to nearest Regional Head for change of mobile no….श्रम एवं रोजगार मंत्रालय Ministry of. Labour & Employment.Feedback Topic*Select Feedback TopicEmail Id*MobileInput digits (0 – 9)Landline NumberInput digits (0 – 9)2 more rows

How do I create an establishment sign?

In the EPFO Official Website,, select the ‘For Employers’, under ‘Our Services’ and then select the fourth item, ‘Online Registration of Establishment (OLRE Portal)’ this will open the Employer Registration Homepage.

What is a non standard Lin?

A nonstandard item is assigned a nonstandard LIN (NSLIN) instead of a standard LIN (S–LIN) and a management control number (MCN) instead of an NSN. … The second reason is that the item has an NSN but not a LIN and requires property book accounting. In this case, the NSN can be used, but an NSLIN will have to be assigned.

How can I register for PF and ESI?

You can choose to register either offline or online, with the online option being preferred mode for registration at present. The registration form can be downloaded from the website of Employees’ Provident Fund. Next, you can see the list of documents required to successfully register yourself for PF / ESI.

How can I reset my esic password?

Use Forgot Password link in Portal Login page to reset password. System would unlock the account and sends a new auto generated password to the registered Employer’s email-id existing in the portal. If email-id is not existing in the system then contact help desk at “” to unlock the user account.

What is identifier in EPF registration?

EPFO plans to make Aadhaar as primary identifier for settling Aadhaar-seeded PF accounts without employers’ attestation. … EPFO has been advising members to link all their Provident Fund (PF) account numbers with the UAN so issued and to also seed KYC data against their UAN number.

Is Lin mandatory?

LIN is provided by Shram Suvidha Portal. It is provided to businesses enabling them to submit returns and get various registrations required under Labour laws at a single online window. … For integration of data among various enforcement agencies, each inspectable unit under any Labour Law has been assigned one LIN.

How do I return to Shram Suvidha portal?

After successful login, you see your landing page. You can file the Annual Returns for CLC(C) by selecting ‘File Annual Return’ option from main menu of Unified Portal. This section narrates how to file annual return for CLC(C) enforcement agency through Shram Suvidha portal as establishment representative.

What does Lin stand for?

LINAcronymDefinitionLINLinearLINLingLINLocal Interconnect Network (automotive networking technology)LINLiquid Nitrogen20 more rows

What are the documents required for PF registration?

List of required documents for PF RegistrationDigital Signature of Proprietor/Partner/Director.Aadhar Card of Proprietor/Partner/Director.PAN Card of Proprietor/Partner/Director.Cancelled Cheque/Bank Statement of Entity.PAN Card of entity.Electricity Bill of the Registered Office (not older than 2 months)More items…•Dec 10, 2020

How can I register in EPFO portal?

For registration on Member Portal, the member should click on the link “Member Portal” under category “FOR EMPLOYEES” on the Home page of EPFO website . The following screen would appear: Click “Register” to continue.