Big Silver Ball

What is silver ball?

Silverball is a 1993 pinball video game developed by Digital Extremes and Epic MegaGames and published by MicroLeague.

Silverball was the first set of pinball games created by James Schmalz and paved the way for the development of Epic Pinball..

Can you go inside the Chicago Bean?

It is really neat when there arent many people. it is a fixture of chicago, though, so there will always be lots of people.

Is the Bean in Chicago hollow?

The interior of the Bean is largely wooden Inside, “The Bean” actually looks more like an old pirate ship, containing a wooden frame and beams that help support the 110-ton structure as it shrinks and expands.

Where is Chicago?

IllinoisChicago is located in northeastern Illinois on the southwestern shores of freshwater Lake Michigan. It is the principal city in the Chicago metropolitan area, situated in both the Midwestern United States and the Great Lakes region.

What does Kegel ball do?

Kegel balls, or Ben Wa balls, have been used for centuries to strengthen vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. The small, weighted balls come in a variety of different weights and sizes to help you contract and release different muscles with ease.

Why was the Cloud Gate built?

“What I wanted to do,” Kapoor told the Chicago Tribune, “was to make a work that would deal with the incredible skyline of Chicago and the open sky and the lake but then also be a kind of gate.

How do they clean the Chicago Bean?

It’s actually just a team of two specially trained cleaning crew members who keep the Bean clean. As long as it’s above freezing, the park staff brings out the hose and squeegees, according to Stewart. They’ll “spray it down with some water to get everything moving off of the surface and then…

Can you touch the bean?

“You can touch it, but if you touch it with a wet surface, you’ll be there awhile.” The sculpture also will require some cleaning, but it’s not known how often that will happen.

Why is the bean so shiny?

How does The Bean keep that high shine all year long? The 110-ton structure is exposed to the elements all day every day and takes quite a beating from mostly bird droppings, says Bob Swenie, general manager of Stuart Dean — the Chicago cleaning company contracted twice yearly to thoroughly clean the structure.

What does the silver bean in Chicago mean?

What does The Bean mean? The Bean’s reflective surface was inspired by liquid mercury. This shiny exterior reflects the people moving around the park, the lights of Michigan Avenue, and the surrounding skyline and green space — perfectly encapsulating the Millennium Park experience.

How did they make Cloud Gate?

Cloud Gate was created by using computer technology to cut 168 massive stainless-steel plates into precise shapes which were then pieced together like a puzzle and welded shut. … The cost of Cloud Gate was completely underwritten by the Millennium Park Foundation using funds from private donors.

Where is the big silver ball?

Cloud Gate is a public sculpture by Indian-born British artist Sir Anish Kapoor, that is the centerpiece of AT&T Plaza at Millennium Park in the Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois.

How many times a day does the bean get wiped down?

According to WBEZ’s Curious City, the sculpture is wiped down two or three times each day with microfiber cloth and a solution of water and liquid detergent. The Bean also gets a deep pressure wash and wax twice a year.

What does the bean mean?

A bean means ecstasy (MDMA) or a pill. A bean can sometimes used to reference someone who is being stupid. The term “Bean” has been used by Kodak Black, Nav, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Juice WRLD, Shoreline Mafia and many more rappers.

What is Chicago known for?

Some of the many things Chicago is famous for are: Chicago-style hot dogs, Chicago-style (deep dish) pizza, Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, jazz music, and 1920s gangsters, for example Al Capone. Chicago is also known for architecture, for example the Sears Tower and museums. It is also known for its loyal sports fans.

What are the silver balls on cakes called?

Sugar Pearls are hard candy pearls that are used in varying methods to decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes and are generally around 4mm in diameter. They are hard and care needs to be taken when eating them when they are still hard.

How much did the bean cost?

This is on the Chicago lakefront north of Grant Park. Click here to see Cloud Gate’s actual location in a diagram of Millennium Park. How much did it cost? The original cost estimate was $9 million, but project complications led to a final cost of $23 million.

What is the Chicago Bean made out of?

Stainless steelCloud Gate/Media

How old is the Bean in Chicago?

15c. 2006Cloud Gate/Age

What are the silver balls in 50 shades darker called?

Kegel Balls – also known by brand name Ben Wa Balls – are featured prominently when Christian and Ana head to his parents’ masquerade ball.

What does the Cloud Gate represent?

Often people term it as the belly button. Kapoor calls it Cloud Gate because eighty percent of the surface of this sculpture reflects the sky. He sees this work as an intersection between sculpture and architecture. Cloud Gate is an iconic piece representing the cultural value of the city in the public space.