Get familiar with the history of  giranelli handmade glass jewelry

The creator’s message

My name is Rácz Krisztina, I am designing and working with my blown glass jewelry since 2014.

All the giranellis are designed by myself, and made in my workshops in Budapest and in a countrside village in Hungary and in.

Every single piece is partially or completely made by myself. It’s partially if I have helpers in one of the sidejobs like blowing, metalworks, glueing or finishing.

I’m an eternal optimist. Laughter is elusive, but if it has a shape, I’m sure it’s a sphere. Like a bubble.

These thoughts characterize giranellis. And why is the name giranelli? It’s a pun I created. Italian art and italian glasswork have always attracted and inspired me.

My first jewelry were rings, and in Italian the Rings of the Sunflower equals to: Anelli di Girasole – this is where GirAnelli came from 🙂 Girare also means rotation, movement, which also indicates the playfulness, rotation and movement in the rings and jewelry.

Common in all giranellis is that they made of glass – rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins, broches, easter eggs, christmas ornaments and home decoration.

Besides the spherical ones I started to make flat quartz glass jewelry in 2016. These are openable pieces, allowing the owners to change the filling themselves. I can make casted casing of any type of precious metal (surgical metal, silver, gold, platinum etc.) upon request as well.